The tragic event of 9/11 has propelled the fire-protection industry into a new level of responsibility for life safety and building preservation.

PIEDMONT FIRE PROTECTION SERVICES, founded in 2003, is doing its part as a leading contractor for fire safety. We do so by attracting and employing knowledgeable and trade experienced associate personnel. Our tenured staff takes pride in the fact that our installation and service teams possess the ability to assist customers with confidence, experience and integrity.

Here at Piedmont Fire Protection Services we are highly performance driven, professionally motivated and provide excellent skilled craftsmanship. We fully recognize that where fire protection is concerned, there is no margin for error. For us, "good enough" isn't, because we strive for perfection by offering far better services than those you'll find elsewhere. We know that if we help you meet your goals, you will continue to partner and conduct business with us to make buildings as fire safe as possible.

We’re passionate about fire protection, and our customers benefit from it. Despite the already considerable amount of experience of our personnel, our goal is: Every day, in every way, we're getting better and better at what we do.

Our smallest recorded job was under $400 and our largest recorded project was just over a $1 million. We are active members of the AFSA, NICET, and the NFPA.

We invite you to experience a better way of doing business in the fire protection industry. Bring an active team partner into your next project. Ask for Piedmont Fire Protection Services, LLC.